FREE Rank Tracker Template

FREE Rank Tracker Template (and an Alternative to Save HOURS)

If you’ve started tracking your ranks online, you quickly realize it takes a LOT of time. That’s why you’re looking for a rank-tracker template to help you get organized, save time, and improve your rank-tracking efficiency. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Click here to download our FREE rank tracker template and start tracking […]

Eyal CEO

ProRankTracker’s CEO Shares Insights in Exclusive Interview

ProRankTracker’s CEO has been featured in an interview with WebsitePlanet! The interview covers the origins and evolution of ProRankTracker, as well as insights on managing online businesses. Check out the full interview here.

Google Ranking Suddenly Dropped? Take These Steps NOW!

Google Ranking Suddenly Dropped? Take These Steps NOW!

Everything was going so well, then… BAM! Your most important pages dropped several ranks out of nowhere. What should you do? A sudden drop in Google rankings can feel like a crisis. Traffic drops, sales slow down, and the pressure to diagnose and fix the problem is immense. Don’t panic yet! There are tried-and-true methods […]

Google Looker Studio

How to Use a Looker Studio Rank Tracker in 4 Steps

If you’ve been in SEO for a long time, you know that reporting is crucial to any SEO strategy–especially for agencies who want to keep their clients. But what’s the best way to generate effective reports? This is a high-stakes question for many businesses. Stakeholders or executives may be breathing down your neck to see […]

Demystifying Declines Why Did My Domain Authority Go Down

Demystifying Declines: Why Did My Domain Authority Go Down?

Navigating the intricacies of digital presence, website owners often ponder the perplexing question, “Why did my domain authority go down?” This article serves as a beacon for those seeking clarity amidst the fluctuating landscape of online metrics. Unpacking the various factors contributing to a dip in domain authority, we embark on a journey through algorithmic […]

Outpace Your Rivals Mastering Competitive Gap Analysis

Outpace Your Rivals: Mastering Competitive Gap Analysis

Embark on a journey to triumph over your business rivals with our guide, “Outpace Your Rivals: Mastering Competitive Gap Analysis.” In the relentless pursuit of success, understanding and strategically bridging the gaps between you and your competitors is imperative. This comprehensive exploration will demystify the art of competitive gap analysis, empowering you to identify strengths, […]

How to Set Up SEO Alerts to Adjust Your Strategy on a Dime

How to Set Up SEO Alerts to Adjust Your Strategy on a Dime

After you set up your SEO and target your keywords, it’s time to sit back and relax! Right? Unfortunately, SEO never stops changing, so businesses that want to stay at the top of the SERPs have to never stop adapting too. SEO alerts are one of the most important ways businesses can stay on top […]

Google Business Profile website update

No More Google Business Profile Websites: What Now?

Just a few days ago, you were happily running your small business using a Google Business Profile website. Suddenly, Google announced the shutdown of its Google Business Profile websites, leaving you no online presence or traffic. With this change, businesses are left scrambling to find alternatives and ensure their online visibility remains intact. If that […]

Unlock SEO Success The Many Benefits of Link Building

Unlock SEO Success: The Many Benefits of Link Building

Embarking on a digital journey toward optimal search engine visibility requires a strategic approach, and at the heart of this endeavor lies a powerful tool: link building. The article “Unlock SEO Success: The Many Benefits of Link Building,” is a roadmap to understanding the profound impact of this practice. Beyond hyperlinks’ surface-level function, link building […]

Build Connections How to Ask for Backlinks the Right Way

Build Connections: How to Ask for Backlinks the Right Way

In today’s world of digital marketing, forging robust connections is essential for online triumph. As websites strive for eminence in search engine rankings, mastering the technique of securing backlinks emerges as a pivotal strategy. Explore the ins and outs of this process with “Build Connections: How to Ask for Backlinks the Right Way,” a comprehensive […]