What permissions can I set for a user?

Admin: Enable full access to all account data, actions and areas. 
No need to set groups.
Admin permission is not like enabling all other permissions. It's basically creating another user with the same permissions as yours (the master user).

Accounting: Enable access to the accounting area (as can be accessed from the top-right menu by clicking your name): account details, billing (invoices), and tickets. 
If accounting is enabled and no groups are assigned, the user will have access to the accounting area only and no rank tracking-related data.

Branded: Display your logo instead of PRT's. Your logo can be set in PRT Settings > White-label. The logo appears on your users login page and at the top-left when logged in.

Save to set cloud accounts: Enable saving to the cloud accounts (Drive or Dropbox) that are set on your master account.

Edit URLs/Terms: The user will be able to edit URLs on his assigned groups – Edit URLs data, delete/restore terms (a sub user cannot permanently delete / empty the trash).

Add Terms: The user will be able to add terms to their existing URLs (from their assigned groups). Edit URLs/Terms must be enabled to enable this permission.

Add/Delete URLs: The user will be able to add new URLs/terms and delete existing URLs from his assigned Groups.

Updates on demand: The user will be able to schedule ranking updates on demand.


Assign Groups:

Select which URL groups will be available on the user's account.

Click Groups from the left box to assign access to their URLs for the user.

The right box will contain the assigned groups.


Note that all sub-users are part of your master PRT account. 
Changes made by sub-users with permissions to add and edit URLs & Terms will affect the data on the master PRT account and other users if they share the same URLs.